Saturday, July 22, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 15

The image shone in the mirror, like a vast thread of gold waving in the wind, reaching into the heavens, seemingly for miles.  "So that's it?" whispered Lulea.

"The Golden Road," said Etain, her voice full of awe.

"Hmmm, don't know about that name," said Lulea.  "Oh, it's golden all right, but not much of a road."  The Salamander looked at Lulea in what appeared to be irritation to the Syph's eyes.  "Well I mean--why not the Golden Rope?"  Etain continued to stare.   "But then, who am I to judge?"  She placed the Salamander on the ground. "Anyway, here we are."

The Salamander made a slight bow, and tottered over to the Golden Road.  She grasped it in a tiny claw, a thick strand of it shimmering into view even without the mirror's aid.  She turned to regard Lulea for a moment.  "Thank you.  You were very kind."

"Oh, it was no problem," said Lulea, as the Salamander turned back and began to glide up the Golden Road.  Lulea smiled brightly, turned, and saw Polychrome flying towards her, accompanied by several rather angry looking Sylphs.  Lulea gulped then rushed towards the Golden Road and grasped it with both hands.

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