Saturday, July 1, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 6

Polychrome glanced around the grove with an expression of distaste.  "So, this is the Great Continent."  She clicked her tongue.  "I have to say it's not quite as grand as I would have thought."  She looked at her Sylph retainers apologetically.  "Not that I would dare criticize the work of our Great Maker, blessed beyond all others, but..."  She shrugged.  "Well, this is one of the less pleasant parts of it.  To my taste at least."   She turned to Lulea and smiled.  "Now then, my dear, where is this Salamander of yours...."

 Lulea walked towards the tree and glanced inside, seeing the Salamander still within, weeping quietly now.  "Here it  is," she said to her superior.  "I think it's tired."

Polychrome forced a grin on her face as she regarded the little being.  "Hello there," said the Grand Sylph.  "Little thing."  The Salamander looked up at her, clearly puzzled.  "You should not be here.  You do know that, correct?"

The Salamander blinked and then began to bawl.

"Most unreasonable," muttered Polychrome, frowning to herself.

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