Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 7

"Most unreasonable," snapped Polychrome, as she reentered the Silver Tower.  "And uncouth!"  She turned to regard her aides.  "I tell you that little creature is the most... disgusting little thing I have yet to deal with!"  She stomped her foot.  "All that moaning!  As if it isn't the little thing's own fault it's here!"

Lulea entered with the Salamander nestling in her arms.  The creature still wept and screamed.  "We don't know that," she whispered.

Polychrome whipped around and glared at her subordinate.  "What was that?  Did I hear you disagree with your superior?  Did I?"

"Ummm, I was just... it..." began Lulea nervously, as the salamander yelled louder.

"Exactly what I thought," declared Polychrome with a lordly smirk.  "Because of this insubordination, I leave figuring out what to do about this thing to you."

"But... but... I came to you for help..." whimpered Lulea.

"Yes," replied Polychrome as she stomped away.  "That was your first mistake."

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