Thursday, July 6, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 8

Lulea tread lightly through the halls of the Silver Tower, the whimpering Salamander still in her arms.  "Now then," she whispered, "if you keep being quiet like this I'll..."  The Sylph blinked.  She really hadn't thought ahead to what she would do.  "Give you something you like to eat," she declared at last.  "Assuming you Salamanders like to eat."

"A bit of coal is nice," said the Salamander.  "Or... straw, if you don't have it."

Lulea paused.  "You can talk!"

The Salamander nodded.  "Well, yes.  I... I've understood what you've said so far, haven't I?"  The creature shivered.  "Please miss, I am so very cold.  Everything is so strange here, strange and dark and... chilly."

"Well, I suppose I can give you some blankets," said Lulea, as she continued to her room.

"What's a blanket?" asked the Salamander suspiciously.

"It's a..."  She sighed.  "I'll show you.  Easier to trying to figure out the words, I suppose."

"You're much nicer than the other one!" said the Salamander.  "Even if she is shinier!"  A patronizing smile came to the little creature's face.  "But then, I guess that's not something you can change, is it?"

Lulea considered that for a moment.  "Thank you for the... kind thought," she said at last.  "I guess."

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