Saturday, November 11, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 63

VERY WELL, LULEA. The Maker gestured, Her arm unwinding like a snake around a rock as it pointed out the way.  GO WAIT WITH POLYCHROME, AND I WILL GIVE YOU MY SENTENCE IN DUE TIME.

Lulea managed another bow.  "I... thank you... Maker..."  She shuffled off to where the former Chief Sylph was seated.  NOW THEN, VULCAN, I MUST SPEAK OF YOUR DECISIONS... 

Polychrome was seated on a rock when Lulea reached her, knees drawn to her face.  "Oh, it's you," muttered Polychrome.  "This is your fault, you know?"

"The Maker just said something similar," noted Lulea, sitting down beside her.

"Ha!  I knew it!" said Polychrome, standing up.  "The Maker may be misinformed about me, but she has you down..."  She snorted. "Disloyal little thing.  Should have had you down in the depths forever and always, cleaning things."

Lulea realized she felt rather calm.  "Well, you can't anymore," she noted.

"No, I can't," snapped Polychrome.  "And it's all your fault!  All of it!  I would have been a great Lady of the Sylphs, if you hadn't meddled."

"The Sylphs who were here say you abandoned them, when we came," said Lulea.

Polychrome glared at her briefly then turned away.  "Of course.  They failed me."

Lulea nodded.  "You deserve what you're going to get, Polychrome."  She shut her eyes.  "Of course, so do I.  So who am I to cast judgement?"

"Nobody, that's who!" declared Polychrome.

"And so are you now," said Lulea.  She took a deep breath.  "Please don't bother answering.  I don't think either of us really wants to hear anything from the other."

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